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Is it too late to submit? The time here is nearly 3:00pm, so I assume it’s getting late over there!

I like this photo. I like that there isn’t a sharp focus to it. I like that my bum doesn’t look perfect because of the way I’m putting my weight on it. I like that my hair is finally getting long enough to cover my boobs! What I don’t like? Those ghastly wires in the background. Damn them.

I hope you like it nontheless! I should’ve submitted to you much earlier than this! 

<3 Nova

Hello. It’s about half 9 here so you’re all good with time. Aha I agree your body looks great in this photo but those wires are a little distracting. Although they do make it look real and candid. I have to say though, your boobs look fantastic and I’m a tad jel aha. x


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